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Excitement Sells…

In my 37 years of marketing, I’ve learned to do everything I could do to avoid boring my audience. You have to create excitement, get attention, show you are human Show that you really care about that potential customer. You have to set the mood and reach out to them.

Try riding an alligator…

When I was growing up in Southern California, there was a car dealer named Cal Worthington. He would always see him on TV. He promised to stand on his head to make a deal. And he did. Sometimes you see him riding an elephant or maybe an alligator. There was always a new stunt.

Did he feel foolish in his western outfit doing all these silly stunts? He loved it and so did his audience! Plus he made a hell of a lot of money!

How many commercials for car dealers have you seen that were interesting? Well, Cal made exciting commercials that you even looked forward to. And equally important, it wasn’t a gimmick. This was Cal, he was sincere, he loved doing it, you could tell! You felt that he was on your level and he would really appreciate your business, you wanted to buy from him!

Stew Leonard’s…

In Norwalk, CT is a supermarket, I almost said small, but there’s nothing small about. It doesn’t care the full line of items that most supermarkets carry, but it outsells them all. It’s Stew Leonard’s. Actually, it’s called Stew Leonard’s Dairy Store. It carries just the top selling items. And everything they do super.

Stew Leonard’s even has a marketing school to teach their methods of marketing and customer service. If you want to learn about marketing, study Stew Leonard’s! They take advantage of every opportunity market the hell out of things.

When I was living in Brookfield, CT they were building a second Stew Leonard’s near me in Danbury. They cleared the land and were waiting for all the permits and all that. Most supermarket chains when just leave an empty lot there.

Learn to market the hell out of everything…

Not Stew Leonard! Up went giant tents. And they started selling produce and flowers and all that stuff. Then, as Christmas time neared, up went all the Christmas trees and decorations. The shoppers loved it, it was always crowded.

Not only did they make money before they even built their store, but what I feel is more important, they started building up a customer base early. They showed the community who they were and what they had to offer.

This was what they are all about, not being afraid to do the unexpected, and to take advantage of every opportunity to market the hell out of everything they did, every opportunity that came there way, and every inch of floor space!


But I’m drifting here. The real reason for mentioning them is that they make shopping for groceries fun and exciting! You lift up a carton milk and a plastic cow moves its head and goes mooooo! They have animated musicians on top of some of the aisles playing catchy tunes. They have a small petting zoo in the parking lot.

I’d be here all day trying to tell you about everything they do with Pizzazz. So instead, if you want to really learn to market like no one else, go to their website, visit one of their 4 stores, go to their marketing school!

I don’t care if you have a store, a website, a catalog or whatever, you can learn a lot from Stew Leonard!

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Gil Carlson
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Cal Worthing riding elephant
An exciting doof display Stew Leonard's Market
Stew Leonard's customer service policy set in stone
Produce section display ay Stew Leonard's supermarket
website from Stew Leonard's supermarket
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Mail Order Millionaire Copyriting Words Report
Cal Worthington Knew how to get attention and be exciting and sold a lot of cars!
Stew Leonard's set their customer service policy in stone!
Stew Leonard's makes an exciting produce display!
Stew Leonard's website is also exciting!
Stew Leonard's knows hot to make their supermarket displays exciting!
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