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Gil Carlson's Direct Mail Facts & Figures report
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Dear Direct Marketing Friend,

I’ve spent the last 37 years creating and operating very profitable direct mail businesses as well as being a marketing consultant for numerous direct mail and catalog companies. I’ve made a number of discoveries, discoveries that will make a big difference in your direct mail response! And now I’ve compiled all these direct marketing secrets.

Results from testing... My own results plus results obtained from major direct mail companies!!!

Now... find out what works and by how much! Don’t spend a fortune on testing! Everything from ad placement to use of colors and prices that payoff for a wide variety of products and mediums! Find out how ad placement can really boost your response! Are using a color that turns off a particular segment… a segment you are trying reach? Better make sure you are using the right colors.

I’ll tell you about an ad I created for a client. This small company couldn’t afford a large ad or the use of color. I’ll share with you how I created a cheap ad for an unknown company that got a better response than all the other ads in this major catalog!

I’ll even tell you how I (legally) got a valuable mailing list for a client that was supposed to be impossible to obtain! I went directly to the organization and they gave it to me free! Find out how I did it!

Discover what really gets envelopes opened fast… it’s not what you’ve been told. You may be surprised! Find out how one company altered a photo in an ad to and doubled their response!

I’ll give you numerous sure-fire, proven ways to increase results from ads, direct mail, catalogs and websites by as much as ten times! This information is really priceless. Get this before you attempt any direct mail marketing!

Use all these facts and figures to outsmart your competition! Whether you are involved with catalogs, direct mail, websites or ads, this is a must for you.

This amazing report is full of facts, numbers and percentages. Find out what works in direct mail marketing without having to spend a fortune on testing. Discover what others have done to boost direct mail response, how it worked, and by how much it boosted response.

You might even discover valuable information about your competitors in here! (You might even discover your valuable direct mail results in here!)

And this is just the beginning of what awaits you… there are thousands of secret facts & figures stuffed into this special report!

Find out about numerous direct marketing campaigns and direct mail response they got!

Get the edge. Hundreds of mere direct mail marketing books can’t reveal this information. Breaking into your competitor’s office and rifling through his files could land you in jail. Get this special report on almost 100 8½ x 11 pages the easy way, steal it from me at this low reduced price!

Your friend for direct mail response,

Gil Carlson

G. Gilbert Carlson

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Direct Mail Facts & Figures
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How was response for an Allstate universal life ad increased by 731% with one change?

Find out what punctuation marks added to a headline increased response by 28%!

Find out which of 5 types of incentive offers in a business-to-business mailing increased response and by how much!

Which prices pull best in direct marketing? It’s not always the lowest one!

What did one cataloger add to his catalog that increased sales by 50%?

How important is the list, the offer and the creative effort in your direct mail package? Find out the percentage for each!

What step can increase believability in your direct mail package by 65%?

I’ll tell you what items sell best through the mail and give you the percentages!

By what percentage did returns increase for a direct marketing company that changed their “30-Day” guarantee to an “Unlimited” one?

What premium increased response by 35% in a World Wildlife Fund mailing?

How did one direct marketer reactivate 10% of old, unresponsive customers?
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