From G. Gilbert Carlson
Mail Order Millionaire Copywriting Secrets Report
Mail Order Millionaire Copyriting Words Report
Gil Carlson mail order copywriting that get results
From G. Gilbert Carlson
“Would my own direct marketing career have been so very successful if I didn’t possess the Mail Order Millionaire Copywriting Secrets Notebook?”

“Did I get this notebook legally
or did I just steal it?”

Dear Mail Order Copywriting Friend,

I have secrets to share with you… direct mail copywriting secrets that will quickly have you creating powerful mail order copy!

When I was young, I was fascinated with the potential of mail order. I was marketing a few products but didn’t have the experience to make a real success of it.

Then I had the rare experience of
meeting the Mail Order King...

Working on some marketing projects with his brother led me to this meeting with Harold. Harold pulled me aside and said "My brother is a moron, if you want to get anywhere, work with me!"

I was 21 (42 years ago) and was invited to join the Cowan & Whitmore Advertising Agency in Hollywood and work with Harold Cowan. Harold was at the end of his career and shared with me the secrets to creating successful marketing.

Harold Cowan had made millions in mail order projects. The Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plan, The Grapefruit Diet and so many more money-making projects.

You know those long, thin balloons that are used at parties, clowns blow them up, twist around and turn into animals? Harold invented those. He packaged them with instructions on how to turn them into animals.

Millions of them were sold through mail order ads. So many dollar bills came in from this and other campaigns that the Bank of America branch on Hollywood Blvd. where he banked, had to install a dollar bill counting machine to process his deposits brought in by a Brinks truck!

By the way, Harold liked to keep a balance of 20 million in his checking account at this Bank of America branch...

And that was in the old days when
20 million was a lot of money!

I remember being impressed by a copy of an 8 page article from Life magazine on Harold Cowan, “The Mail Order Millionaire” that hung on his wall.

When you are making a fortune off of ads, you must be doing something right. You must be using powerful copywriting secrets. Each of the words must be the most powerful, persuasive words available, right? OK, this is what I’m getting at, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself here.

Before we go any further, I must warn you…

Taking in millions of dollars can damage your nerves! Do you really want to go ahead with this? It took its toll on Harold. His nerves where shot.

I remember when he decided he wanted 2 new Cadillacs, he was too nervous to go to the Cadillac dealership to pick them out and had to have them brought over to his office for his approval. He also became a pain to work with. So I eventually took my leave. My little brain stuffed so full of powerful marketing secrets!

But I learned so many secrets from Harold, secrets that have made millions in sales for me and my clients. I was amazed that all these secrets made such a difference in whether or not you made a million or lost your shirt. These secrets I learned from Harold were priceless!

But now let’s get to the reason I’m writing this...

When I first started working with “The Mail Order Millionaire” I was handed a notebook to help me create ads, sales letters and brochures.

This was Harold’s personal notebook of copywriting secrets... MAIL ORDER MILLIONAIRE COPYWRITING SECRETS!

Nothing fancy, a lot scribbled on pages. A notebook filled with Lists of words, phrases & headlines to use and how to use them.

So many powerful copywriting words, powerful word combinations and combinations for writing powerful headlines! Secrets he used to create Million Dollar Mail Order projects.

Since Harold never asked for it back, I kept it. It helped me create so many extremely profitable mail order companies. And over the years I’ve found new, persuasive, powerful copywriting secrets to add to this list. And this list has been refined into what I consider to be the most powerful copywriting secrets any copywriter or entrepreneur could possibly possess!


Actually I’ve been very hesitant about releasing these powerful copywriting secrets. But at this point in my career, I spend a lot of time working as a consultant with many new entrepreneurs as well as with large, established, marketing companies.

My friend, I really enjoy using my creative talents to help others make a lot of money. OK, I do charge healthy fees and I make a lot of money, but still I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.

While my “Mail Order Millionaire Copywriting Secrets”
has lists of words to use in almost every situation...
it has so much more!

Are you an experienced copywriter? You will love this book I’ve created and will find the most powerful marketing words, headlines and copywriting ideas to use for any writing project! Or are you a new entrepreneur? You will love that all the work has been done for you!

Now you don’t have to be an
experienced copywriter...

You'll be writing catalog copy, powerful headlines, cranking out powerful direct marketing copy, and producing million dollar ads…  all you need is my book! (As you will soon discover for yourself!)

Inside you will find the most powerful, persuasive sentences, paragraphs, headlines and so much more already completed for you! Just insert your information or alter them to fit your needs without a lot of work, or skills in English!

Plus, seeing how to use these powerful marketing words and how to create magic with them, will quickly sharpen your copywriting skills!

You’ll love all the examples of powerful catalog copywriting stuffed into this report. How to create all the components for powerful catalogs, letters, ads, and direct mail packages, e-mail and website!

You’ll discover how to easily write copy in the...


Find out how to properly use...


Plus you are going to get the COPYWRITING CHECKLIST to make sure you have everything covered and have created the tightest, most powerful copy possible! Plus you’ll get a chart of COPYWRITER’S FEES with the going rates for writing projects and hiring copywriters.

You’re going to call this “The Copywriter’s Toolkit,” it has everything you need and in an easy to use ready-to-go format! This special limited printing report is printed on 8 ½ x 11 pages and spiral bound so you will be able to open it up flat and easily get at all the powerful catalog copywriting secrets inside.

Are you ready to get your own Mail Order Millionaire’s Copywriting Secrets Reports?

Did I tell you there was a whole lot powerful copywriting secrets here for you? So much that I couldn’t stuff it all into just one package, even with the 8 ½ x 11 pages! It ended up in two huge, close to 100 pages each, reports!

Grab your copy of Mail Order Millionaire’s Copywriting Secrets, this is the copywriter’s toolkit, everything you need to write powerful copy. I’ve used these methods to create many lucrative mail order businesses and writing catalog copy for so many catalog companies. At only $49.95, you’ll say it’s the most valuable report you’ve ever purchased.

You’ll also want to get a copy of Mail Order Millionaire’s Copywriting Words, for only $49.95! This amazing report is stuffed full of word lists. You’ll find inside… Persuasive Words, Powerful Words, Emotional Words, Hypnotic Words, Trigger Words, Magical Words, Power Verbs, Forceful Words, Convincing Words and Selling Words!

Words for every situation, plus help to use the right words for the right situation.  I even tell you which words not to use!

Then I give examples, and if that’s not enough, you even get templates for creating copy and headlines with these powerful words, just insert your information and you instantly have fool-proof headlines!

Please don’t confuse these books with some of the other word and copywriting books out there… This is the only one written by a top catalog marketing expert with years of copywriting experience as well experience creating powerful marketing companies and that is designed to help you becoming a copywriting expert!

Plus I guarantee you’ll love it! If, after using it for 90 days, you don’t feel that it is absolutely the best investment you’ve ever made, I’ll expect you to return it for a full refund!

I don’t care if you’ve already scribbled on it and spilled coffee all over it, if you aren’t happy with it, you are going to get a refund, that’s all there is to it!

Gil Carlson

P.S. OK, this is where they start offering all the bonus gifts to make sure you don’t hesitate to click on that “Buy Now” button. But, to be honest with you, I don’t want to offer you any free gifts…

You see, most free gifts are worthless and I don’t want to insult you by throwing cheesy stuff at you. Besides, nothing else would come close to being as useful as this Mail Order Millionaire’s Copywriting Secrets Report and Word List Report. But I have to offer you something, right?

I’m hesitant to reduce the price on these reports, because I know how really valuable these are. But actually, I really want you to have both of these reports, the copywriting and the words so I’m not even going to let buy them individually…

So I’m going to give you this amazing deal, both $49.95 reports for just the price of one! Don’t pay $99.90, pay only $49.95… but you’d better hurry before I come to my senses!

P.S.S. You haven’t clicked on that “Buy Now” button yet? I’m sitting here waiting for your order. You are really making me work to get you going. OK, here’s my absolutely, final offer, but you’ve got to promise to order right now…

I’ve slashed the price down to a total of only $49.95 for both reports and now… I’m going to pay for the shipping! I’m going to ship them both out to you via Priority Mail and you’ll have them in 2 days! And I don’t care where in the world you live, I’ll still ship it to you at my expense! You’ve worn me out. Go ahead, now you can click that button.

Now is the time to make that decision before my marketing brain takes over the price goes back up and I start charging for shipping again - Click on that “BUY NOW” button below… go ahead, click on that button, don’t let me down!

Live in the U.S. and prefer to mail a check?
send check for $49.95 to:
G. Gilbert Carlson, 922 Allendale Dr., Hampton, VA 23669
You’ll be WRITING POWERFUL MAIL ORDER COPY and CREATING HEADLINES THAT SELL! WRITING SALES COPY that pulls will be easy once you get my list of hypnotic power words!
Here's an
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I Guarantee it!
My copywriting book must boost your results or email me in 60 days for a full refund!
Gil Carlson

100% guaranteed
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Mail Order Millionaire Copywriting Secrets.
Mail Order Millionaire Copywriting Secrets.
email me
Here's an
even better deal!
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Both Downloaded to you right away
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Mail Order Millionaire Copywriting Secrets Report
Mail Order Millionaire Copyriting Words Report